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Experience 1
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Bedding House is a fast growing business that needed improving on their Warehouse Management System, Product Information System (PIM), and B2B/B2C website. During the course of one year, we implemented new systems together with a great team. 


After mapping the bottlenecks in the various processes, we drew out a new process flow. By investing extra time and attention to the early stages, we were able to win a lot of time later in the project, which resulted in better planning and allocation of resources. As the project manager, Ruben was working with 30 people involved.

Petrol Industries MEN SS19_42.jpg


Dutch denim driven brand Petrol Industries had to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP, Navision XPRT) and a new Warehouse Management System (WMS, Ceyenne) in 2017. After Petrol’s Supply Chain Manager left, Ruben took care of the newly implemented systems within the company. 


In 2019 a new Product Information System (PIM, Wolfpack) and website (Shopware) were implemented and taken care of. We made new work descriptions and did workshops to get everyone involved in the new systems. We also designed a new purchase planning module in the ERP, and we made new dashboards and budget templates to optimize (future) results.


my experience at MENDO.

At publisher and bookstore MENDO, Ruben mapped the entire store process from wholesale purchases to online and offline customer, and the B2B processes. All the processes were analyzed and improved where needed, and the use of online and offline Retail POS system (Lightspeed) was perfectioned for more efficiency and optimization.

Experience 3

Photography by Roel Ruijs

my experience at heldergroen.

At green communications agency Heldergroen we updated the Project Management System (PMS) by sourcing one that is specifically made for the creative industries (Gripp). By doing that, we slimmed down the processes and created new chances in the workflow. 


Next to implementing this new PMS, Ruben is an overall business consultant for Heldergroen, helping with (workflow) improvements and overseeing results.

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